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Find the Perfect Type of Dentures in Surrey

Some patients may have unusual conditions in their mouth or jaw joint (also known as Temporal Mandibular Joint or TMJ) which may require additional extensive measurements to properly fit a set of dentures. In these cases, a precision denture would provide the best fit and function in order to enjoy daily life activities like eating, speaking or laughing with confidence.

Complete Dentures

Surrey Denture Clinic provides quality full dentures to our patients. Our Denturist ensures quality and satisfaction by consulting with you about the process in fabricating an accurate dentures. We take into account your expectations, esthetics, lifestyle issues and the most recent developments in technology advances. Our Denturist will then take the time to explain and recommend the best and most appropriate solutions.

Complete dentures are either "conventional" or "immediate." Conventional dentures are placed in the mouth about a month after all the teeth are extracted or you are replacing an existing denture, whereas an immediate denture is placed as soon as the teeth are extracted. Kindly refer to our Immediate Dentures (Link please) page for further information.

Complete Dentures a matching set of Full Upper and Full Lower, or only a Full Upper or Full Lower that replace your teeth. There are two types of complete dentures: Standard Dentures and Precision Dentures. Conventional Dentures can be fabricated between 4 to 5 appointments.


Standard and Precision Dentures

At Surrey Denture Clinic we offer Standard and Precision dentures. For patients with unusual jaw and mouth conditions, we may recommend Precision dentures to provide the best fit for eating, speaking and smiling confidently.

Precision dentures incorporate extensive measurements in order for the denturist to closely duplicate the natural movements of your jaw. Measurements are also used to guide the denturist in placing teeth for the best look and feel of your new dentures.

Improve ability to speak clearly

Help prevent jaw disorders

Improve ability to chew naturally

Call us today to book a free consultation.

Importance of checkups

It is important to continue having regular checkups so that a denturist can examine oIt is important to continue having regular checkups so that a denturist can examine oral tissues for signs of abnormalities. As time goes by, your mouth will continue to change and the material (Acrylic) that your dentures are made from do not change with the changes in your mouth.

To maintain a proper fit over time, it is necessary to adjust your dentures or possibly re-evaluate them for rebasing, relining or new dentures. Never attempt to adjust your dentures yourself and do not use adhesives because dentures cannot be repaired once adhesives are used. When in doubt, please come in and consult our denturists.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are the solution we provide when the remaining teeth are due for extractions. Should you wish to avoid being completely without teeth for an extended period after extraction, we can start the procedure to fit you with immediate dentures prior to the extractions.

Our Denturist will take an impression of your existing teeth and gums prior to your surgery. They will then use those impressions in the fabrication of your Immediate Dentures.



Conventional dentures can’t be applied to your gums until they’ve healed from extractions, which can take 6 to 8 months, depending how you heal. However, with immediate dentures, you can have a upper, lower or complete set of dentures inserted immediately following extractions. To make sure you don’t miss a day without a full smile, we take impressions for your dentures weeks before extractions. By doing this, we can have a beautiful set of immediate dentures ready for you on the day of you extractions. After your extractions, the Dentist inserts your Immediate Dentures. The very next day you will come to our clinic we will provide you with a temporary lining, which will help your gums during the healing period.

At our clinic, our licensed denturist, will make your dentures in-house, meaning he will work with you from initial consultation to fitting and follow up. With a Temporary Liner, We Can Provide You with a Full Smile Right Away.

Some guidelines on immediate dentures:

In majority of cases, there is no way of trying on dentures prior to extractions.

Please carefully follow post-operative instructions from your dentist and denturists.

Temporary liningsTemporary linings are advised to ensure a comfortable fit.

Please schedule regular check-ups to ensure ideal healing and the continued good fit of your dentures.

After your gums have completely healed, a new denture is advisable to ensure a comfortable and exact fit.

After your gums have completely healed, a permanent reline or measurements for a new denture is advisable to ensure a comfortable and exact fit. Our RD's have the prerequisite skills and years of experience to provide advice on options that best meets your specific needs.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is useful for a person missing some teeth, but who still has a number of natural teeth.

This device also is called a removable prosthesis, and is a means by which artificial replacement teeth are held in the mouth. The prosthesis commonly is kept in place by means of clasps. These are thin finger-like structures, usually made of a special resilient metal alloy or sometimes plastic, that rest upon and wrap around some remaining natural teeth. Clasps keep the prosthesis securely in place, but still allow a person to easily take it out for regular cleaning and proper brushing of remaining natural teeth.


Reasons for having partial dentures made:

Replace missing teeth

Aid in the preservation of remaining natural teeth

Improve ability to chew more naturally with confidence

Help prevent or treat problems of the TMJ (the jaw joint)

Improve speech and confident smile

In most cases, crowning teeth is not necessary to fit a partial denture

Replace missing teeth in an economical way

Partial dentures are usually made of acrylic, chrome or vellplast

A partial denture may be expected to last about five years depending upon circumstances.

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