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Welcome to Surrey Denture Clinic

Serving the Central City Area Since 2007

Surrey Denture Clinic is one of British Columbia's modern denture clinics. Our newly renovated denture clinic is set up with new furnishings and the most modern equipment to ensure that we provide you with the best service amidst a comfortable and pleasant environment. Our denture clinic is located only 25 minutes (14 miles) north of the US-Canada border besides Surrey Town Centre.

Why Choose Us

Our Registered Denturist, Giao Le, has been practicing for over 20 years and serving the community since 2007.

At Surrey Denture Clinic, our friendly staff are fully trained professionals who have years of extensive experience in dentures. We ensure that their training and knowledge are kept up to date with current advances in the field.

Whether you're considering your first set of dentures or denture over implants, or simply a replacement, let our Registered Denturists assist you with all your denture needs at Surrey Denture Clinic.



If you have experienced issues with dentures not sitting securely or comfortably on your gums, Denture Over Implants may be the most appropriate option for you. Unlike conventional dentures, Denture Over Implants use dental implants that are placed into your gums and the dentures are secured to the dental implants. A benefit of Denture Over Implants is that they stay in place but are also removable. For benefits of Denture Over Implants, For more information, please check our services page on Denture Over Implants.

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